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The Town House at Brecon:  Coronavirus Code of Conduct.


In these trying times we are not standing still but are busy adapting to a new ‘normal’. As such, there are a few extra notes that we ask our guests to read - and stick to - during their stay, just to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed during this Covid-19 pandemic and current state of alert.


We have now completed our Covid-19 Risk Assessment and are certified by VisitBritain as Good to Go. We are expecting to be able to welcome guests from July 13th onwards (fingers crossed) but of course this is subject to the government lifting certain restrictions. We follow the advice from national and international health authorities such as Public Health Wales, Visit Wales and the World Health Organisation (WHO) - as well as various industry bodies such as the B&B Association and UK Hospitality. We receive weekly updates from these industry bodies who are continually sharing hygiene recommendations and best-practice guidance.


To manage the new intense cleaning and disinfecting regimes required we will only be only be accepting bookings a few rooms at a time. We will also be rotating rooms wherever possible in order to allow as much space between bookings, with a working average of 48 hours between occupancies. Unfortunately, this will mean that the date you require may not always be available and we may have to swap rooms for you at late notice. Please call for availability 01874 610787 or 07966 984036.


For those of you who have previously stayed with us, you will already know our approach to cleanliness is extremely thorough - as reflected in our guest reviews and scores. We have always cleaned and prepared our rooms ourselves so as to maintain the highest cleanliness standards and we will continue to do so.


On arrival:


We are a small boutique B&B with three individual rooms. We will only be operating two rooms on separate floors during the pandemic lockdown. The Town House at Brecon B&B is managed and operated by the owners Paula and Glenn only and we will be responsible for managing our own PPE and Health & Safety guidelines and we will adhere to the rigorous checks within this document as highlighted by the risk assessment.


We will keep one room spare as a standby if instructed. When you check-in, please do not be alarmed that we will be wearing PPE i.e. face masks, gloves and protective visor. This is not only for our protection but also for yourselves and other guests and as recommended by Public Health Wales. You will need to confirm with us that neither you, nor close contacts and relatives, have been in contact with any potential COVID-19 cases in the last 2 weeks and therefore should be self-isolating at home. We will also confirm the same for other guests. Your temperatures and will be checked on arrival and departure.


All PPE equipment will be rotated and cleaned/sanitised as per Health & Safety guidelines.


If, at any time, any guest develops symptoms of Coronavirus, it is imperative that they contact Paula as soon as possible. We will then contact the local Public Health Authority to discuss the case, identify the guests to them and be guided by their advice. You will need to leave the premises immediately.

Your temperature may be taken on arrival and departure but this is subject to your agreement. Paula and I will be undertaking this task twice daily.


Hand sanitiser is available in the entrance hall for all guests. Please use this whenever entering or leaving the Town House. We ask that you don’t congregate in the halls or on the stairs as this will restrict other guests from accessing their room or the breakfast room. At the moment the current feeling is that communal areas like our guest lounge may have to be off limits but we await confirmation of this however, please follow social distancing guidelines of a minimum of 2 metres between guests at all times. Please do not cross on the stairs.


Hand sanitiser is also available on both landings, in the guest bedrooms and breakfast room. Please use these as you feel fit however, please adhere to government sanitation guidelines and wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds.


We have always asked our guests to pre-order their breakfast as it not only helps controls waste associated with pre-cooking and forward preparation of items but in delivering the cooked portion of your breakfast efficiently and without delay. Our menu caters for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free and we usually have a specials option as well. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any allergy or food preference. Breakfast sittings will be staggered so you will be offered a time to arrive and depart breakfast. Single item portions will be made available for your sole us, the cold buffet will no longer be available.


During your stay:


Without a doubt our core aim is to ensure ourselves and our customers are safe at The Town House at all times. Cleanliness has always been a strong point at The Town House, as reflected in our guests comments and ratings, and we have outlined our enhanced, coronavirus cleaning code of conduct in detail later in this document.


Please maintain social distancing at all times and fully adhere to the temporary breakfast timings.


Tourist information booklets, suggested walks and maps etc. will be removed temporarily. Please let us know your requirements and we will produce individual print outs for you where possible.


We have removed all soft furnishings wherever possible and, if we do not have backup items, replaced them with nearest match items which can be washed after each stay.


Sanitised toiletries and individual soaps will be available and unused items replaced.


All bedding and bathroom towels including mattress, pillow and duvet protectors will be washed at maximum temperature on the premises. The room will be thoroughly sanitised after your stay however, we will no longer be ‘turning your room over’ during your stay.





We ask you to agree a breakfast time so that we can stagger our guests’ breakfasts to help manage social distancing in the dining room. Please choose what you would like for your hot breakfast the night before, via the order form provided, and leave downstairs on the dining table by 8pm. Please use the hand sanitiser in the dining room upon arrival and leaving. All breakfast items will be cleaned in the dishwasher on a 90 degrees cycle.


Take aways:


In the new normal it may not be possible for you to choose or book a restaurant or, at a time that suits, due to reduced capacities. You will be welcome to eat your take-away in the dining-room ONLY and arrange for delivery to the front door. Please can you let me know what time you have ordered your meals so we can ensure we have laid a table and reserved the table for your sole use. Again, we will have to manage this process and you may have to adapt your timings to fit in with other guests. A cheese or meat platter can be ordered for you in advance of your arrival if you are arriving late in the evening.




Payment will be completed online on the morning of your departure, less the deposit, using the credit/debit card details held on file for you. If you wish to change card details please inform us upon arrival. We will not be accepting bookings without a validated credit/debit card.


Please leave your windows/velux open whenever possible and always upon departure, weather permitting.


Please do not take the hand sanitiser bottles with you as they are difficult to replace (in mid Wales) and increasingly expensive.


Please leave your room key on the hall table by the front door for disinfecting.


Your temperature will be taken at departure as per guidelines mentioned earlier in this document.




Maintaining and cleaning our accommodation has always been very important of course, however, hygiene is now paramount. As a result of the corona crisis, it has become clear that an enhanced cleaning/disinfecting protocol is required for all B & B's and currently deserves extra attention. The virus mainly spreads through close contact between humans, but the virus can also be transmitted via contaminated surfaces in short timescales. This is possible if you touch an infected surface and then touch your face without washing your hands.


Because of this we will be limiting personal contact - so please do not feel that we are avoiding you and are not being our usual bubbly, welcoming personalities.


  • Cleaning and disinfection:


Cleaning is the removal of dirt and germs, disinfection is the killing of germs with chemicals.  So we will clean the room first as per normal and to our usual high standards and then disinfect all items where possible to reduce the risk of contamination as much as possible. The room will then remain empty for at least 24 hours and an average of 48 hours before the next guest arrives. If this is not possible the furloughed bedroom will be used


We will always wear disposable gloves which will be changed after every room cleanse. We will be wash our hands for at least 20 seconds at all times between rooms.


All our laundry is cleaned and prepared on site to NHS standards  and we will use the maximum temperature where possible to clean.


  • Sanitising checklist:


This list was compiled on the basis of the knowledge of the B&B Association and the UK Hospitality but it cannot offer any guarantees or prevention of transmission of the coronavirus.


○ Door handles

○ Cabinet handles

○ Light switches

○ Keys and key fobs

○ Dustbins

○ Handrails

○ Remote controls / TV

○ Table tops

○ Chairs

○ Handles windows / ventilation

○ Windowsills

○ Toilets

○ Shower and / or bath tap

○ Washbasin and tap

○ Shower door

○ Care products - (shampoo - soap pump)

○ Towel radiator

○ Hair dryer

○ Vanity mirror

○ Bedside tables

○ Reading lamps

○ Clothes hangers

○ Curtains / blinds

○ In situ cleaning equipment and sanitisers

○ Entertainment (magazines, books, games, etc.)

○ Telephone / Intercom

○ Ironing board and iron


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